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Who is behind FuseFX?
In the early 80’s, Guy Louis-XVI started a Special Effects company called Louis-XVI SFX. He specialized in foam latex appliances, props and make-up for the film and television industry.

Over the years, Louis-XVI SFX expanded to include plaster/resin composite sculptures, lifecastings and Hi-Realism mannequins for museums and private collectors.

Always striving for realism, Guy began experimenting with silicones as a medium, in the late 90’s. He quickly learned that silicones presented many challenges. For starters, painting a silicone surface to look like human skin was exceedingly difficult. Shine and adhesion, to name a few, also proved to be troublesome.

An artist with a passion for color and realism, Guy gradually developed his craft through trial and error, finding out what works and what doesn’t for many types of applications. Bringing his sculptures to life was one thing, making it easy was another.

Having mastered skin coloring, Guy wanted to do away with weigh scales, measuring cups and silicone caulking, as a binder for oil paints. All this represented an inconvenience.

Through persistent research, development and years of silicone painting experience, Guy Louis-XVI SFX designed a system that is as easy to use as opening a tube of artist’s oil paint.

FuseFX is born.
Originally created for medical prosthesis and the Anaplastology field, FuseFX has expanded to the world of Special FX. Sculptors, artists, anyone who uses Platinum base silicone will benefit from FuseFX.

Why use FuseFX?
It’s easy to use, practical, quick… simply Squirt, Mix and Apply!

With its wide range of basic shades, FuseFX has a selection of exotic never before seen special FX silicone paint colors.
Painting super realistic skin tones & FX props is now attainable for the novices and more convenient for the pros.

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