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Hi-Realism Mannequins and Silicone Sculptures by Guy Louis-XVI SFX

Smooth-On Inc., Silicones, Rubbers, Liquid Plastics...

Chavant Inc., Sculpting clay, Tools...

Universal Designs,
Costume Design, Prototyping, Garment Creation, Finished Product Brought to Life.

Lifeart Prosthetics Inc., Specializes in custom breast prostheses for cancer survivors and
customized body prostheses.


The Effects Lab
Resources for professional and amateur special effects sculptors, makeup artists, mask makers, designers and enthusiasts.

Éffects-Spé, (Français) Les secrets des artistes de l'imaginaire enfin révélés !

Special Effects Studios

Howard S., Sculptures and  silicone busts

Kelatow FX, Special make-up FX, Zaandam – The Netherlands

Toby Sells, Creature make-up FX shop

Vincent Van Dyke, Special Make-up Effects studio for the Film and Television Industry, private Commission.

Jeremy Selenfriend, special effects make-up, theatrical, custom prop fabrication, mold-making, animatronics, story-board, concept design