Preparing the FuseFX Syringe

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FuseFXTM – Preparing the FuseFX Syringe
For professional use only

 These simple instructions on how to open syringes may sound silly, but it can really avoid making a mess.
During packaging process, the
insertion of the plunger causes a little air and pressure to build up. If the tips are cut without preparing the syringe as per the instructions below, the pressure will cause a small amount of material to squirt out over your work surface and all over the knife blade.

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Start by removing the END CAP located between the plungers. SAVE THIS END CAP, you will need it to close/cap the tip of the syringe when not in use.

Stand the syringe with the tip pointing up for at least 20 to 30 minutes, this will ensure that all the air floats to the tip.

 CAREFULLY cut off the tips of the syringe with a sharp knife. Lightly run the tip of knife in the small opening to make sure there is no “burrs”. Test fit the end cap to make sure it fits properly.
You will notice that there is a flat side and a round side to the cap. Line-up the flat side of the cap with the flat side of the syringe tip.
Apply a small pressure so the cap will "snap on". DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE. If it does not snap into place,
lightly run the tip of knife again in the small opening to make sure there is no other “burrs”.

 FuseFX silicone paint is now ready to use or if you wish, you can "prime" the syringe (see below).
Place the end cap back on the syringe tip when not in use.

Once opened, store the FuseFX syringes downwards on the Syringe Holder. This will ensure that any air bubbles remain at the top.

Priming the FuseFX syringes. This is not necessary, but it will give you a balanced amount of material until the tube is empty.
During the filling process, some air does get trapped and you may want to "prime" the syringe.
Some extra paint material has been added to the syringes for this purpose. 
How to prime syringes.
Once the syringe tips have been cut and de-burred as described above, place the syringe back on the holder, tip up, this again will ensure that all the air bubbles are at the top.
Now take the syringe and squirt out the air into a small cup until the paint comes out evenly. You don't have to squirt out much, only a little bit to ensure the tubes are equal. You don't need to remove all of the air out either, a little bit is fine.
Once primed, you are ready to use the paint.