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How to use Royal JeL-E...

Pour a small amount Royal JeL-E in a container.
Apply Royal JeL-E by lightly brushing into the silicone mold creating a film over the entire surface. Use a hairdryer to speed-up the drying process.
As you brush in the Royal JeL-E, it will become matt and the brush will start to drag a little. This means that the surface is being properly coated.
Completely coat the entire surface making sure not miss any areas.
Repeat if necessary.

After the Royal JeL-E film has set, you can carefully brush in or pour the silicone.
Let cure.
Carefully remove the cured silicone piece and rinse under warm water to remove the Royal JeL-E film. The surface is now clean and ready to paint.

Floating a clay sculptures off a plaster lifecast.
Royal JeL-E works best when used on a “stone” (plaster) lifecast. The stone casting should be clean and dry.
Do not apply any sealer to the surface.
Brush a liberal amount of Royal JeL-E over the lifecast, working it well into the surface. Use a hairdryer to speed up the process.
Apply a second coat of Royal JeL-E.
If the surface feels a little dry, a third coat may be required.
Apply the clay and sculpt as usual.

Once completed, you can then cut your clay sculpture where you want your main pieces to be separated.
Place the sculpture in a bucket of water or water bath and let it soak.
After a few hours the Royal JeL-E will begin to liquefy and start to release the clay sculpture from the lifecast.
Gently pry the clay away from the lifecast, floating the pieces off.