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On a recent project we spent a great deal of time testing paint systems for Platinum silicones.
After exhaustive tests with various products we found Fuse FX to be the most durable, effective and consistent product available.
It's now the only product I'll use for painting platinum silicones!

Neill Gorton,   Millennium FX, UK

Using Fuse FX's Royal Jel-e and Bond FX saves me alot of time, by being able to successfully cast platinum silicone into a tin mold. When you only have a couple of days to do an effect, every minute counts.

Vincent T. Schicchi
 Special effects makeup designer for Showtime's "Nurse Jackie"

"... every prosthetic piece for the past year for
Nip Tuck, Greys Anatomy and Private Practice have been pigminted with your colors!
I'm able to get the beautiful base colors I need quickly and then just need to add flocking and I'm done!..."

Guy's FuseFX Silicone paints Are the best I have seen on the market today. They provide great colors for Human Skin tones, and creatures alike. The system is very convenient to use, there is no mess of dealing with pigments and weighing out your silicone... Just squirt, mix, and thin with solvent. its very easy and hassle free...it allows me to work much more quickly, especially for the colors I use in almost every paint job I do. allowing me to always have the perfect color instead of mixing it each and every time I paint a Piece.

For me, the
FuseFX Paints have been great "tools" in my Painting kit, I say tools because they really aid to the artist, helping everything go more smoothly and efficiently throughout the painting process. from tinting my silicone, to painting...and even final matting of the piece the whole line of products have gone through the testing regiment in real time working environments for production and pulled through with flying Colors.

 Vincent Van Dyke, 

  Vincent's work

I've been using silicone for a number of years now for prosthetics. Up until now, I've used pretty much everything to both intrinsically and extrinsically color it. Some things work better than others, and some things are more economical than others. You can pretty much get the result you're looking for with enough experimentation. The problem is getting the same results time after time while keeping costs under control.

I remember wishing Guy the best when he first launched his products. I've heard many here on the Lab tell how much they like them. I've seen a few finished pieces and thought they looked great, but I figured I could do the same with my usual formulas and techniques. I thought it would save me money in the long run and still look good.
I was wrong on both counts.
I finally got to try some of Guy's products today. I had a rush job for prosthetics that had to be made today and shipped to Australia TOMORROW. I decided to give FuseFX a try (believe me when I tell you I was a little hesitant using a new product for this job).
Guy's FuseFX products are INCREDIBLE! I wish I had listened to many of you and tried them earlier! Why didn't some of you just slap me?
I haven't tried everything yet, but I plan to in the coming weeks. I expect I'll be blown away even more.
Is FuseFX cheap? Not on the surface. Until you add up all the costs of time, rejects, materials, etc., you finally realize the HUGE savings that come from the ease of use and the consistency of your pieces. Absolutely unbelievable. I provide prosthetics all over the world (Singapore is next week), and after doing some math, I will actually be saving money - and so will my clients.
I know this sounds like a paid advertisement for Guy, but believe me, this review of his products comes from the heart. I'm one of those very skeptical people when it comes to the latest and greatest products. I'm not taken in easily and if I can do it better and cheaper I will. Not this time. I'm sold on FuseFX.
For those of you who are like I was (oh, I'll try it SOMEDAY), don't wait. Trust me - it's worth it.
And thanks Guy, for some great products.



Hi Guy.  
Both Darren and myself love Fuse F.x. and you made life a lot easier for us with the silicone zombies we did recently , especialy with getting the colours right on the dark skinned zombie. Realy cant say enough good things about you or your products my friend.
Again Guy thanks so much for your support and the products you keep coming up with. I think the title Silicone guru pretty much sums you up. Always coming up with something new to make life in the trenches simpler for us , thanks

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave me with my silicon project. It saved me time and a lot of frustration - in fact it probably kept the whole project from turning into a big gloopy mess period.

The Royal Jell-E and especially the FuseFX paints worked like a dream! Painting realistic skin tones is something I always struggle with but in this case nothing could have been easier - I just followed the simple steps you outlined in your IMATS workshop and couldn't be happier with the results. They were a real joy to use.

But other than the eyes and the hair I think it's pretty good for a first silicon head no? :)

And Doug certainly seemed to like it

Kate Daley, Artist

    Kate's work

Guy’s FuseFX Paints are an amazing system. Whether you’re a make-up effects artist who pre-paints his/her silicone prosthetics or if you’re a forensic artist creating life-like humans from a past long gone – this is the system for you. The silicone pigments are just spot on; they can create any skin shade imaginable and I yet have to find a model who skin tone doesn’t match one of  the S-300 series! The silicone M/F series paints are just a breeze to use – it only takes a couple of layers of coloring to give a lifeless piece of silicone the look of life. I can’t say enough good things about the FuseFX products: I use them so much that I created a worktable in my workshop just for working with them. I used it to color silicone prosthetics, color dummy-heads and make medical prosthetic fingers – it works for everything! If you want to color silicone the right way than use FuseFX… No doubt about it!

Lawrence I. Kelatow
Kelatow FX, Special make-up FX, Zaandam – The Netherlands

  Lawrence's work

“The FuseFX Platinum Silicone Paint System developed by Guy Louis-XVI has been extremely useful in my prosthetic practice. It is easy to use, precise, and Guy’s understanding of creating life-like colour is amazing. I particularly enjoy using FuseFX paint for those small extrinsic touches that complete a custom prosthesis. I also find FuseFX useful when painting custom designed tattoos. There are, no doubt, many more applications that I have yet to discover. FuseFX Platinum Paint is a well thought out, quality system. Thanks, Guy for developing it!”

Wendy A. Smith C.P. (c)

President of Lifeart Prosthetics Inc.

There is not much to say about FuseFX - other than BRILLIANT!
The flesh color he sent me (S-301, light) is a complex and sophisticated light Caucasian tone. The recommended 3 drops per 10 grams of silicone is spot on, giving just the right amount of coloration to the dragon skin I used. The stuff looked like skin. Guy told me that of all the flesh colors in the FUSE FX range, this one gives him the most trouble mixing up. I can see why. It's not too grey, not too pink or yellow. A good, general purpose flesh color. (Nothing like certain 'basic flesh' tones offered elsewhere that look like that orange vinyl doll color, if you know what I mean). Although designed to work with platinum silicone, there is no reason why these colors shouldn't be used in tin.

The FuseFX range of platinum silicone paints is pure GENIUS. Packaged in side-by-side plastic syringes, this two-part platinum silicone paint system dispenses equal amounts of parts A and B with color ... so no weighing or measuring is required. It feels about a 25-30 Shore A to my fingers. It sticks fine to the dragon skin and Silicones, Inc P-44 I tried it on. You dispense only what you use, and save the rest for future projects.

This is the start of something big.

Tom McLaughlin, Silicone Artist

After seeing you at the tradeshow and you giving your demonstration of just how easy it is to work with FuseFX, I had to go home and try it for myself.
Low and behold, you were absolutely right! The paints worked wonders and my piece couldn't have looked better.
I just have to say that it's hard to go wrong with that stuff. I'm really diggin' it.
I appreciate your hard work into putting these paints on the shelves, cuz I don't think I'd use anything else. Thanks Guy!

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Kevin's work

"I absolutely love FuseFX; it makes my job easier and even more enjoyable.  Silicone is the future of Special Make Up FX. The color options that are available help bring my work more to life than I ever imagined!  I love the dispenser tubes, what a great way to store the paints.  Allot of time and work has gone into the development of FuseFX,
they are the best thing I have used!
I am planning on doing all my heads, puppets and body parts on this next film in a Platinum base silicone just because of FuseFX!!!

Job well done Guy!"

Toby Sells
Toby Creature Make Up FX Shop, Atlanta Georgia

  Toby's work

I have been using Fuse FX since Guy first released them, and have been amazed at their convenience since the moment I snapped open my first tube.  The time saved is amazing, and the degrees to which the colors last is uncanny!   A little bit goes a very long way.  the color selection is top notch, and in the rare occasion that the color you want doesn't exist, Fuse FX beautifully merges with other silicone color systems.  They are thinned down simply for air brushing, and stipple washes, and don't ever seem to fade! I recommend this product to anyone who works with platinum silicones from the novice to the advanced artist!

Jeremy Selenfriend

Owner/Head Artist


Jeremy's work