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After ten years of color research and development, in 2006, FuseFX produced a painting system that is simple and easy to use, achieving perfect tones, hue and color depth. Using FuseFX Platinum Silicone Paint, nearly every skin color can be duplicated, bringing you the simplest way to replicate the look of human skin.

These paints and pigments are for use on SILICONE SURFACES ONLY and should not be used directly on skin.

FuseFX has been used in Films and TV shows such as:
- Cowboys and Aliens
- Machete
- Saw 6
- Saw 5
- Passchendaele
 - Terra Nova
 - Hell on Wheels
 - Vampire Diaries
 - Dr. Who (UK)

- Private Practice
 - Grey's Anatomy  
 - SNL Saturday Night Live !
 - Nurse Jackie

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